Snake’s been waiting four long years for the closure he really needs; not an end to war, seeing Meryl grow up, or even his own death can give him what he desires most. What he needs is a trophy. Cold hard platinum in his old hands.

Finally, this month, a patch is coming to Metal Gear Solid 4 that will add trophies and full data installation (as opposed to the disc-by-disc installation used previously). The patch hits Japan specifically on August 6th, while it’s coming to America sometime this month according to Metal Gear Solid producer Yoshikazu Matsuhana on the Sony PlayStation Blog.

Why patch the game right now? It’s all about Metal Gear’s 25th anniversary. In July, series producer and visionary Hideo Kojima announced that he’d be revealing the new Fox Engine tech at the end of August. In Japan, a budget-priced release of Metal Gear Solid 4 is hitting shelves with this patch pre-installed.

The patch is, if nothing else, a great excuse for fans on both sides of the ocean to dig back into the series and discover a new way to play it. A few choice trophies:

  • Bronze  – You enjoy all the killing, that’s why.  (Killed many enemies in one area, and vomited.)
  • Silver  – You’re pretty good. (Got kissed by Ocelot during the final battle.)
  • Silver  – Can you feel my power now!!!? (Took control of an enemy soldier’s body using the Mantis Doll or Sorrow Doll.)

[via Playstation.Blog]

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