Normally, I'd say a Metal Gear trailer sneaked out of TGS 2012; but, this is Metal Gear Rising, so it leaped out of an explosion and cut a guy into like eight pieces.

The trailer shows more in-game footage than previous trailers have, including some fairly detailed shots of the directional slicing mechanic the game will use.

In addition to the gameplay, the trailer works in some story elements, introducing three of the nutty bosses we've come to expect from Metal Gear.

Kotaku's writeup includes a short description for each of the three bosses, included below…


"A member of Desperado Enforcement and the third of the "Winds of Destruction." Monsoon (named after the torrential winds that bring the rainy season in southeast Asia) uses magnetic fields to control his Sai weapons, called "Dystopia," and can separate parts of his own body to manipulate them from a distance."

Both in the video and this shot, Monsoon seems like "another model" of Raiden. Maybe an evil twin. He's missing a goatee, but with Raiden's boyish looks I'm not sure he can grow facial hair in the first place.



"A female cyborg of Desperado Enforcement. Like Sundowner, Mistral (named after the dry northern winds that blow from the Alps to the Mediterranean) is known as one of the "Winds of Destruction." Mistral uses weapons called "Etrangers" in various ways as whips or rods."

Mistral's multitude of modular robot arms certainly has interesting gameplay implications, but looking at this still makes me feel like I need an adult. The fact that she has robot arms apparently groping all over doesn't help.



"The unofficial leader of Desperado Enforcement. Sundowner (named after the hot winds in California) uses a special custom cyborg body and is feared as one of the "Winds of Destruction." Sundowner uses two high frequency machetes called "Blood Rust."

This is the guy we've been seeing in the trailers for the last few months and likely one of the last bosses in the game, or at least a major character. Despite the airbrush gradient jacket, he manages to be the least ridiculous of the three bosses. We'll see if this holds up in the actual game when it hits shelves this February.

[via Kotaku]

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