Metal Gear Rising 2 (2)

I was excited to sit down at my computer this morning and tell you all about the possible existence of Metal Gear Rising 2, but that excitement has since been dashed to pieces.

At a live event in Taipei over the weekend, Sony flashed a brief and mysterious teal colored number “2” during its presentation. Many in the press , yours truly included, believed this to be a teaser for a possible sequel to the Platinum Games’ action spin-off of Metal Gear Solid. The blue color fit nicely with the original’s color, and the text even seemed to fall into place with the original title’s font as well.

Metal Gear Rising 2 (1)

Fans also fondly remember how it was the title’s font which eventually revealed that this mysterious “original IP” from Konami called The Phantom Pain was actually Metal Gear Solid 5.

However, reporter Geoff Keighley stepped in to speak to Kojima Productions Producer Kenichiro Imaizumi, who flatly denied that this was a sequel.

Imaizumi himself also confessed a bit of confusion over the “2.”

So, how about it? The producer denies it, but I have to agree that the color and font of the “2” are a little too close to simply deny the whole story. It can’t just be coincidence for Sony to make something like that.

Also, given Kojima Production’s history of long-winded and surreal game reveals and that Geoff Keighley often unwittingly plays a big part in them, it could be that Konami is just waiting for the right moment, say, after the release of Metal Gear Solid 5. Take this denial with a huge grain of salt and expect anything to happen at E3 this year

This is Kojima Productions we are talking about here.