The best part about Metal Gear Online is that I already own it. I just need to wait for it to finally roll out. Oct. 6 is the date Konami has set for the console versions, and the PC will follow next year.

Other than that, Kojima has done a great job turning Metal Gear into a competitive shooter. It’s nothing short of amazing! Metal Gear Solid’s mechanics feel like a natural fit for multiplayer, providing infinitely more depth than the rest of the popular multiplayer franchises of the gaming world.

Kills feel much more gratifying knowing that everyone playing has access to these skills and abilities to use in battle. What’s there to say other than if you know the main game’s setup, you know how multiplayer works out. Stealth around a base, kill people, sometimes nab an objective or two.

You can even Fulton extract opponents off the battlefield! If you need a rundown about Metal Gear Solid V’s gameplay, just check my review for a more in-depth look.

The jump feels natural from the single player game, but you have to remember that unlike Big Boss, the random soldiers here don’t have infinite stamina to run with. That took some getting used to.

Another nice touch is the ability to choose your background music for when the match is coming to an end. The game offers a whole host of tunes from the series’ past, even from the 8-bit days, and each sounds right in place with the action.

Oct. 6! Maybe my long distaste of multiplayer games will finally come to a close with Metal Gear Online. Let’s hope so.