Metal Gear (2)

In a startling move, Konami has given the thumbs up to a band of fans calling themselves The Outer Heaven team who have set out to remake the original MSX2 classic stealth game, Metal Gear, from the ground up to modern standards.

Typically, most large publishers would squash a project like this in its tracks, but Konami has taken an unprecedented step in fully backing the dreams of these fans under the promise that they do not profit from using the copyright. Developer Ian Ratcliffe opened up the news in a statement to Polygon.

"The game will be a full remake of the original game, new script, new models, the works. The theme compositions will also be revamped with orchestral arrangements and with the Metal Gear Solid 2 style electronic beats. The style of the game will be reworked, bringing it more up-to-date with the other games in the series, we're still undecided on some aspects, like what style to have the camera angles, birdseye view or the more traditional Metal Gear Solid/Metal Gear Solid 2 style."

After Ratcliffe joked that the project was originally just a fun way of killing time while waiting for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, he then teases news that could have larger implications for the series in the future.

"It's excellent that a company that huge, would let us do such a thing, we're very grateful. We received something else too, but for now I cannot disclose, lets just say great GREAT things are happening, and we're very grateful to everyone involved."

Interesting! What could possibly be the "GREAT" things that are happening to this team? If it is up to snuff, could The Outer Heaven team be prepping their dream project for a full console release? I can't think of any bigger news than that.

Metal Gear (1)

For what its worth, I've never played either of the original MSX2 Metal Gear games. Of course, I've played Metal Gear and Snakes Revenge on the NES, but series creator Hideo Kojima doesn't endorse either of these games. The true history and circumstances of Metal Gear's origins have become public knowledge over time, and the original MSX2 games are generally accepted to be far superior.

The best way to play them is to unlock them from Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence on the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. I've been meaning to go back and play through Metal Gear Solid 3 again before the next game comes out since it is easily the series' high point, so coincidentally, maybe I'll finally be playing the MSX games before this remake gets released as well.