Metaio Hands-Free Car Manual

If you've ever been frustrated while trying to repair your car, Metaio may have just the Google Glass app for you.

Metaio, a company specializing in augmented reality technology, has come up with an app for Google Glass that will help you navigate the parts of your engine to allow you to do more of your own car maintenance. In a video published by Metaio, and currently turned to private viewing for some unknown reason, Google Glass notifies a driver that her washer fluid is low. It asks if she's like to take care of it now or later, and she opts to do so at that moment by pulling in to a gas station. When she gets out of the car the app kicks in and tells her that first she needs to lift the hood and it uses arrows to show her where the latch is. Once it's open it tells her she needs to fill the reservoir, and once she looks over the engine, the green arrow begins bouncing up and down to point to it.

For those that are the least bit familiar with their car, this may seem silly, but for those who don't know anything more than how to put gas in the tank, such as myself, this could be a huge help.

The app works off of CAD files it downloads from the car company and then matches up the parts once it knows what it's looking for. As opposed to other AR systems that work via GPS, special tags or some other means of locating you, this is a much more self contained system.

At this point this is just a concept and a proof of concept. There is nothing saying that this will definitely make its way out to the market, but it certainly makes you think about some of the potential uses of Google Glass.

 Metaio to Unveil First Hands-Free Car Manual on Google Glass, New 3-D Tracking Technology and optimized wearable augmented reality platform at InsideAR 2013

Augmented Reality leader welcomes a wearable future with new technology & demo

Munich & San Francisco, 17 September 2013: Metaio, world leader in augmented reality (AR) software and solutions, today announces the development of the first-ever hands-free, marker-less augmented automotive manual using Google Glass. Metaio will additionally update and optimize its core technology and leading augmented reality platform to accommodate the major wearable device providers like Epson, Google and Vuzix, all of which will be presented October 10-11 in Munich at Metaio's annual technology conference, InsideAR.

The hands-free interactive car manual prototype developed by Metaio will be the first time that augmented reality on wearable computing will be shown to be productive and commercially viable.

Metaio R&D developed this new prototype as a proof-of-concept of the capabilities of its AR platform on wearable devices. A new type of 3-D tracking and recognition technology engineered by Metaio utilizes CAD models to recognize and overlay 3-D content onto the real world counterpart. Since no markers, GPS or point clouds are required, the stability of the augmented reality experience increases dramatically, while remaining almost immune to variable lighting, glare, position, and other environmental factors that tend to interfere with vision-based experiences.

See how the technology works in the video:

Metaio will update its leading augmented reality platform to include the incredible new tracking technology presented in the demo, in addition to adding support for major wearable computing devices, including Epson Moverio, Google Glass and Vuzix M-100. And looking toward a wearable ecosystem, Metaio will upgrade 3-D and 2-D visualization to include programmable shaders and other camera optimizations that will allow for more robust tracking and an overall more realistic user experience.

InsideAR attendees will get the chance to try the demo on Google Glass, along with many other wearable demos that feature hands-free augmented reality. Developers and non-developers alike can learn how they can use the Metaio AR platform to build next-generation wearable apps, with the Metaio SDK, Creator and Cloud services.

"We're going beyond one-off passive viewing experiences," says Metaio CTO Peter Meier. "Metaio is taking all the necessary steps to ensure an always on, always augmented future, and we're beginning that journey in a big way at this year's InsideAR in Munich."

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