If you want to grab Meta Knight from the Kirby franchise for your amiibo exploits in Super Smash Bros. and future games, there’s only one shop carrying him. Best buy will be the place to… be, or whatever.

Meta Knight will not be in either the first or second wave of incoming amiibo. He’s not slated to hit retail until February in North America. We have no word regarding the retailer exclusivity for other territories, either. So, maybe Meta Knight will be available in other regions.

This is not the first retail specific amiibo. Shulk of Xenoblade Chronicles fame is exclusive to GameStop. He’s part of the February wave as well.

After seeing how many amiibo Nintendo is set to release, I’ve elected to give up my “collect them all” mentality. I’d be hugely in debt if I kept it up.

Instead, I’m only grabbing my favorite characters. I’d rather not empty my wallet on figures I’ll never use. And, man, this may be one of the nerdiest things I’ve ever written. Ouch.

We’ll have more on the amiibo, including tons of shots of them once we have the first wave in our hands tomorrow, as it comes. Stay tuned.