Facebook on Wednesday officially branched out Facebook Messenger from the social network into its own website at It's sort of like how Facebook relegated the chat service into its own application not too long ago, and it allows users to navigate to an area where chat is the main focus.

The launch is a bit odd in the sense that one has to wonder how this will affect engagement on the main Facebook page. After all, if you're chatting on that site, chances are you're also browsing through recent newsfeed posts, viewing ads and more. But if it's the experience you care about, then looks pretty solid.

It's dead simple to use: the available chats are all listed on the left side of the screen, and your ongoing conversations are on the right-hand side. The settings menu also allows you to turn sounds on/off, manage accounts and even enable desktop notifications. Re/code said payments are coming to the messenger site soon, too.

You can still chat using either or but considering Facebook officially split the two on mobile, it seems plausible that will happen online, too.