As someone who actually owned a pair of Mercurial’s throughout high school, these new, limited run Mercurial Superflies are something I’d totally try to pick up.

Nike and EA have teamed up to release a super limited, numbered run of cleats for FIFA fans. Don’t worry, the only EA branding is on the heal and barely noticeable when compared to the rest of the boot.

Would you look at those things up top? Right, I’d be all over them.

These boots will be available in virtual form in the new FIFA starting on September 22, 2016. You’ll need to hit level 7 in order to grab them.

Only 1,500 of these things are being made in real life, and, according to Nike, “the Mercurial x EA SPORTS boots will be available on September 26 from Nike Football App and” If you like what you see, you might want to be online at that time. The price for these was not announced, but please know that Mercurials aren’t cheap cleats. They retail for around $300, but they are super light on the feet, so there’s that.