TributeGames, the developers behind the indie-hit Wizorb, have just announced their next project Mercenary Kings via a slick trailer on YouTube.  The company's latest throws back to classic run-and-gun arcade shooters, namely SNK's Metal Slug series, sticking to its mission statement of developing  games with pixel art and classic gameplay design.

However, not wanting to be completely tied down by retro mechanics,  the game also toys with many modern gaming conventions such as allowing players to collect loot from enemies and customize their firearms to fit their play style choice.

TributeGames has also brought back Paul Robertson's talents into a video game after the high praise he received for his sprite-work in Scott Pilgrim vs The World back in 2010.  Retro music composer Patrice Bourgeault will provide the game's musical score.

The trailer only shows off a prototype of the game, and is not the final product.  Hopefully they will work out that awkward arm animation before the official release.  No official date has been confirmed yet.