MemotoA new Kickstarter campaign is taking the lifelogging idea to all new heights. The concept, developed by Swedish company Memoto, will allow users to attach a tiny 5-megapixel camera on their persons (shirt collar, hip pocket, bag strap, etc.) and take pictures every thirty seconds. It’s basically one big attempt at creating your own personal time lapse. I hope your life is interesting.

The little cam, called Memoto, is meant to be there, but not, making the user experience as effortless as possible. In addition to a tiny accelerometer for smarter picture orientation and 8GB of flash memory, the Memoto comes equipped with a rechargeable battery capable of lasting for two full days, so it’ll be more than capable of lasting through a weekend bender.

To recover photos from the device, simply plug it into your computer through a Micro USB cable, and your photos will then be uploaded to Memoto’s cloud. Users can then access them either through an iPhone or Android app, or through Memoto’s website.

Memoto innardsMemoto’s apparent inspiration comes from the Google Glass promo video from earlier this year, but the device is much less inconspicuous than Google’s solution. By coming in a small form factor and snapping onto a shirt collar, it promises to fade into the background while capturing all of life’s most precious moments. This can be especially handy for world travelers, city dwellers, outdoorsman and maybe even the select celebrity or two.

“With Memoto, you can effortlessly travel back in time to that moment when you met the love of your life, the day your daughter took her first step, or that night you laughed the night away with friends,” Memoto CEO Martin Kallstrom said.

It’ll certainly make for a good backup gadget to have when capturing important moments. Don’t expect to wield this as a replacement camera since its functionality is lacking, but there’s a charming convenience factor that certainly can’t be ignored. There was an $199 early bird special, but that has already sold out. Other pledges include a $249 option for the second batch of Memotos off the assembly line, a $279 option for the third batch, and a whopping $5,000 option if you’re feeling especially generous.

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