It's been awhile since we last heard from Memoto about its little lifelogging camera, but the company has been actively promoting the little device at SXSW. As a refresher, Memoto is a 5-megapixel camera you attach to your shirt (or elsewhere) that takes pictures every thirty seconds in standard mode.

So, basically, you're documenting your entire day with little effort through a device you'll probably forget is there. And that's the beauty of Memoto.

Memoto said the pictures it's sharing are from a beta device, so they're not 100 percent indicative of what you can expect. They do, however, demonstrate the kind of results you might expect as you wear the little 8GB camera throughout the day. Of course, the content depends on just how interesting your life is.

When Memoto launches in April, the camera promises to get a battery life of two days, and will work with both iOS and Android. Pre-orders are being accepted now.