Nine months after Kim Dotcom launched online storage service Mega, the company announced today that its product is no longer in beta mode, sharing the news in a blog post. The new version of Mega boasts a redesigned user interface, improved code and a handful of new features.

The revamped Mega claims to offer faster loading times thanks to code optimizations, as well as a Firefox extension for even speedier downloads and improved security. The service also offers personalized avatars, local caching for faster login times, and an improved contact management system that shows more information at once. The site is organized into four tabs (contacts, cloud drive, bin and inbox) which you can quickly switch between using four buttons at the top of the page. It even lets you move around the site while file transfers are in progress.

The blog post also highlights future Mega updates, giving us a taste of what’s to come. The long-promised iOS app is finally on its way, while Android users already have their own Mega application. There’s still no word on when Windows Phone will gain access to the service. The company also plans to offer an encrypted Skype-style chat service with text, audio and video support.

We tried Mega when it first launched and weren’t blown away, but it looks like we may need to give the final version another chance. The site saw a surge in traffic when it first launched and it doesn’t look like that’s slowed down by much. Speaking to The Washington Post, Kim Dotcom—who had recently stepped down from his position as Director of Mega—said the site sees 20,000 new signups every day with users in every country.