While Capcom has been pretty superb as of late porting the classic Mega Man games to modern consoles, it hasn't been doing such a bang up job of making new ones. In its stead though, we've seen plenty of fans rise to the occasion and deliver some genuinely knock out experiences. Mega Man Unlimited and Rockman Minus Infinity come to mind, and Street Fighter X Mega Man was so good that Capcom even threw its own support behind it.

How about a little love for the Mega Man X series? Far and away the best it has to offer is Mega Man X: Corrupted, a fan game from JKB Games. It has been in development since 2009, and the studio has just released a healthy serving of gameplay videos to show off its creation. By the way, these games run at 60fps, so be sure to watch them as such.

I just did a complete revamp on the physics and player animations to play more like the snes games, so I figured I would re-upload this stage video to show the difference and why not make it S Class this time around with FF active.

Now we see why Capcom doesn't make Mega Man games anymore. Yes, simply because it doesn't have to! Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10 were great throwbacks and all, but if there is ever a Mega Man 11, it's going to have to use completely original assets and have a new tone to it all. The old ones have been done to death, and the fans have surpassed what Capcom has done up until this point. Time for some fresh meat.

With the Mega Man Legacy Collection hitting Steam and the PC being the best place for fan games, I wouldn't be surprised to see the PC become the next home for Mega Man either. We've come a long way from the MS-DOS Hi-Tech Expressions games, that's for sure. Trust me, these abominations are worse than those dreadful CD-i Zelda games.

Check out Mega Man X: Corrupted's website for more details.