Mega Man Zero 4

Merry Christmas from Capcom! With a lovely, heartfelt surprise, two more Mega Man games will be uploaded to the Wii U Virtual Console today, and I can vouch for at least one of them.

Up first is one I give my wholehearted recommendation to, and that's Mega Man Zero 4. Inti Creates' Game Boy Advance series reminded the world that Mega Man games could be challenging and a lot of fun at a time when the series was at its lowest, and it helped the studio land future jobs with Capcom including the development of Mega Man 9 and 10. This one is also the most heart-wrenching entry in the franchise with the worst outlook on life.

Don't let the bright graphics fool you. Mega Man Zero 4 might just convince you that the world sucks and is not worth saving.

Capcom's other choice is Mega Man Battle Network 5, both the Team Colonel and Team Protoman versions. This one I can't vouch for since I am only familiar with the first two Battle Network games, but from what I can tell, the fanbase seems to consider this one as the "meh" entry, meaning it's not overly hated or loved. It just came out late in the series, and take from that what you will.

Keep in mind that Mega Man Battle Network 5 is the Game Boy Advance version, not the Nintendo DS one. Capcom hasn't gotten around to Nintendo DS games on Wii U yet, and that opens up a whole new can of worms I'm not sure the company wants to touch right now. Mega Man ZX, Mega Man Star Force. Yes, there really is no end to this franchise, and here's the really scary part…

If those happen to make their way out, retro releases will have caught up to the present day! Mega Man history will have lapped itself!

Mega Man Battle Network 5 will cost $6.99, and Mega Man Zero 4 will be $7.99. Only Mega Man Battle Network 6 remains from the Game Boy Advance library.

And just remember, the last time Capcom surprised us with Mega Man Virtual Console games, The Misadventures of Tron Bonne also leaked for the PlayStation Network. Will Mega Man Legends 2 be treating us with the same surprise, or has Capcom met its PSN quota with Mega Man X8 already?