It took a while, but the ridiculous Saturday morning Mega Man cartoon from Ruby Spears is finally completely available in a single, packaged collection. The entire series spans four discs and comes in an excellent case designed to look like a retro NES box.

Adding to the retro-flavor of this set, Discotek Media's DVD menu is a recreation of Mega Man 2's iconic title screen, only Mega Man has been replaced with his design from the show, broad shoulders, enormous pecks, and all! The decision to go with Mega Man 2's title screen is an interesting one, because the cartoon first aired when Mega Man 5 was hitting the shelves, and the writers obviously didn't play the whole game, confusing Proto Man to be Mega Man's villainous brother.

And yes, who can forget that iconic introduction song? Five words and some insanely sick guitar riffs are all it takes to create one of the most intense cartoon openings of all time.

Mega Man TV Show

I haven't seen the cartoon ever since I first recorded the entire thing back on VHS in elementary school, but at $45, I am sure that the rosy power of nostalgia would make this a far more wonderful way to experience it rather than that tape or the previous half-hearted attempts to give this series a modern release. It's an important part of my childhood, and I will do just about anything for happier memories of Mega Man at this point in his career.

Super Smash Bros. can only deliver so much.

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