Oh wow! It’s finally happening. After years of back-and-forths with copyright issues, voice acting contracts, and abusive fans, like myself, demanding the re-release of this wonderful video game on PlayStation Network, Capcom finally has some great news!

Mega Man Legends is coming to PlayStation Network! You’ll be able to play it on your PlayStation 3 and PS Vita on Sept. 29, however, there will be no digital PSP release if that’s still your thing.

I won’t go into all the ins and outs of how the process of making this happened played out, but if you’re interested, some of the complexities have been discussed here in the past on Ask Capcom. I am delivering this message today thanks to Brelston, who has helped to champion the pursuit of these coveted fan-requested re-releases with the team here at Capcom, in collaboration with our friends over at PlayStation, and as always huge thanks to the continued support for this game from the community.

Of course, you know I am ecstatic. I recently threw Mega Man Legends out there as one of my favorite games for the original PlayStation, and that feature image is also the background on my phone. Capcom already hinted that this would be happening when the spin-off prequel The Adventures of Tron Bonne released back in May for PSN, but since then, fans uncovered the copyright issues within the game. I wonder if that spurred all parties involved into a swifter resolution.

Much obliged, Capcom. The year continues with marvelous news for the Blue Bomber, so we can only hope to see Mega Man Legends 2 pop up soon. Who knows? We might even get Breath of Fire III and Mega Man X6 out of it as well, if Capcom is still interested in hammering out legal battles and PSOne Classics.

Let’s not jump too far ahead, though. For now, I’m just going to enjoy the moment and daydream about returning to Kattelox Island.