Once again, disenfranchised Mega Man fans are stepping up to the plate to make the games that Capcom wants nothing to do with anymore. As if the string of quality 2D games we've gotten from fans over the years hasn't been enough, another group from Japan is looking to recreate the tragic Mega Man Legends 3 in their own image several years after Capcom pulled the plug on it.

Silly and melodramatic isn't too far removed from the feelings we actually felt when the horrid news of its cancellation was made public.

Our Own Mega Man Legends 3, as the group calls it, will be using the Unity Engine to first fully create the game's famous demo, Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype, as a way to test test the waters before moving on to the actual game. The actual Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype demo was made with the input of fans and released in very limited quantities in Japan. Mixed reaction to the demo is part of what caused Capcom to bail on the highly anticipated project.

The creative minds are already at work fleshing out the main contents of the game, but it needs programmers as well as music and sound engineers to make the dream happen.

In a way, the fans taking over development on Mega Man Legends 3 is a wonderful idea as it was first hyped as a game made in conjunction with the development team and the fans. Capcom originally had opened forums and other channels for fans to comment and give their opinions, but after development went sour, these channels were shut down. With the game safely back in the hands of fans, maybe some kind of final vision can deliver the closure we've been begging for for over a decade and Mega Man Volnutt can finally get a ride off the moon!

Now we just have to sit back and wait to see if Capcom decides to get involved or send out a cease and desist. Something tells me the company doesn't need yet another firestorm of bad press surrounding Mega Man Legends 3, so it might be safer for it to just turn a blind eye. Sadly, something tells me creator Keiji Inafune will also have to remain as far away as possible for this blind eye to be allowed. He won't be able to contribute to the project, giving it the authenticity it needs.

Best of luck to those behind this project, and just remember that Mega Man Legends has fans all over the world. Translations are in order when all is said and done!