Mega Man Legends 3

Mega Man is one of the most beloved and iconic video game characters ever. There is no getting around that. The Blue Bomber inspired an entire generation of action games and has left an impression on anybody who ran through his adventures in the 1980s and 90s.

From 2D platformers to 3D open-world adventures to soccer games, Mega Man has seen it all.  The only problem is that Capcom doesn't seem too keen on putting him in any new games or seem to want to give the character a much needed revival. A decade of mediocre titles has pushed him onto the back-burner, leaving fans to take matters into their own hands.

Indeed, Capcom it seems would rather wash its hands of the burden its classic hero weighs on its shoulders and let Nintendo create the only legitimate video game to feature him these days. Nintendo's announcement of Mega Man in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U seems to have caught the attention of his massive fanbase because it is out in full force this week.

First up is the Legends series. Of all of Mega Man's off-shoots, the Legends games unquestionably raise the most emotions from its fans. Joy from playing them, sadness from remaining unfinished, and anger at the high profile cancellation of the 3DS conclusion.

Something about the Legends series resonates with fans more-so than maybe even the classic series which got this all rolling. They feature a fully fleshed out world, loveable characters, and a core central concept that even the NES series lacked. One group of fans is out to get their closure through a fabulous short film.

The Facebook group "100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3" *which really does sport 100,000+ memebers) has created a five foot replica of the rocket designed to rescue Mega Man from the moon, the location of his isolated prison at the conclusion of Mega Man Legends 2.

The five foot rocket was taken to the Tripoli Houston Rocket Club and fired 9,000 feet in the air.

The fans have released the short film and a Making Of… documentary , and while a little overly sentimental, it shows the genuine love people have for these games and how badly they want the beloved series to finish.

On the more classic side of things, the fan project Mega Man Unlimited seeks to recreate the classic 8-bit series on PC with a brand new entry. Developer Philippe "MegaPhilX" Poulin has announced that his game is finished and ready to launch on July 14th.

Poulin's game is notable for continuing the series progression on from Mega Man 6. Of course, Mega Man 9 and 10 came out over the last few years, but designer Keiji Inafune based the graphic quality on what was available in Mega Man 2, making them seem dated to the last 8-bit by comparison.

It might be a shock to those who witnessed how tired the Mega Man series became on the classic NES series, but dumb boss designs aside, Mega Man 6 is actually one of the better titles in terms of gameplay ideas, graphic design and breaking away from the linear level mold.

Mega Man Unlimited a fan-made leap forward even the series creator was not willing to make, and it has shown a lot of progress in the years since its first announcement. Capcom has not officially sanctioned this game like it did Street Fighter X Mega Man, but this one seems to be of a much higher quality.

With such exciting projects coming from Nintendo and fans, isn't it time that Capcom maybe cut the Blue bomber loose? Sell the IP? Give it to someone? This beloved character has been kicked around and swept under the rug for too long.

There is a desperate and passionate plea from the gaming universe who want to see his triumphant return. This can't happen while Capcom is trying to transform itself into a more gritty and Western looking publishing company. If Mega Man is in the way of business plans, then simply cut ties and move on from the character. Give him to someone who cares, please.