Mega Man comic

For some, a Mega Man cartoon means the returned of a fabled hero and perhaps a new beginning for the wayward franchise. For others, it's a flashback to the horrible days of 90s morning cartoon blocks.

I'm falling into the former category recently, mostly because I've seen how some children's cartoons, especially ones that revolve around "geek culture," have actually turned out a lot better than we all might expect. Adventure Time, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Gravity Falls, Legend of Korra all seem to fit that bill, and I'm hoping Mega Man gets the same love. Let's not forget how amazing the Archie comics turned out to be.

Man of Action Writer Joe Kelly has an impressive resume of collected works under his belt, and opened up recently on Twitter in regards to preparing for the show. Of course, he couldn't dive into it too greatly, however, he did mention that was tapping into "30 years of source material" with the help of "many companies."

You know, I get the feeling that Mega Man is in good hands. Capcom has clearly set out to find talented creative minds who not only genuinely care about the culture behind the things it writes about, but also have a reputation to protect. Back in the 90s, any seedy company would create a Mega Man show to create a quick buck. I'm not seeing that happen here.

The Mega Man cartoon is expected to air in 2017 for the series' 30th anniversary. And please, let us all hope that we get Mega Man 11 and maybe even Mega Man Legends 3 out of it as well. Pie in the sky, of course, but there is no harm in hoping.

And please… no.