The hotly anticipated Mega Man animated series recently popped up in a highlight montage from Film Roman, and I won’t stop there: it looks quite good!

In the brief three seconds of footage, Mega Man drop kicks Fire Man after falling from the sky, and we also get a glimpse at Mega Man 4’s Drill Man. Both classic Robot Masters don’t look too far removed from their original design, but surprisingly enough, it’s Mega Man who sticks out as the best!

Maybe we all jumped the gun a bit

Well, kiss my grits! We all remember the uproar from the Mega Man faithful when we saw the new design, and I didn’t blame them one bit. I mean, maybe putting out this image wasn’t the best idea, but I just feel like I want to punch this dummy in the face. #NotMyMegaMan.

Mega Man Cartoon

Series co-writer Joe Kelly gave a heartfelt plea to “wait for the show to come out,” and after seeing this image, it was not a plea many were planning on listening to.

Consider us all proven wrong. We have a long way to go until the story and full episodes of animation come out, but after seeing it in motion, with the core design clearly undergoing make-over changes, the potential is there for Mega Man to be pretty good. Above adequate even. It’s not the same design as the video games, but it’s hardly that different from the changes we’ve seen from Mega Man X to Mega Man EXE.

Which brings me back to the question, if this Mega Man looks so good, why did they show off that hideous teaser in the first place?