Mega Man logo

We haven’t heard anything about the Mega Man cartoon since its announcement a year ago back in June 2015, but a recent posting from production and finance company Dentsu Entertainment confirms that the animate series is still on course.

And we even get the series logo out of it, too! Denstu’s latest posting on its official website states:

Acting as the lead creative producer and financer, DEUSA is developing an all new cartoon series based upon the iconic Capcom video game series MegaMan, which has sold over 30 million copies since it first appeared on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1987.

So no, we don’t have our first look that the latest incarnation of the Blue Bomber just yet. However, fans will feel secure knowing that the cartoon, which is believed to be part of a 30th anniversary push from Capcom, is still in production and will air next year.

Not only might we see a new Mega Man game before we ever see Mighty No. 9, we might also see Mega Man’s animated series before we see Mighty No. 9’s as well.