Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue and White

"Mega May" is in full stride with an assault of Mega Man games that Capcom is bringing to digital channels. We are coming to an end of Mega Man's classic library with a few late fan-favorites that have been overlooked over the years.

This week's entry is actually two Game Boy Advance games, Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue and Mega Man Battle Network 3 White. Both are available for $9.99, and together they form a sort of Pokemon-esque symbiotic relationship.

General feeling among fans is that this is one of the stronger games in the sub-series. A quick glance at conversations shows that this is where the gameplay hit its peak and the post-game content provides the most entertainment. On the other hand, fans seem to hold its story in lower regard that Mega Man Battle Network 2. I haven't played this third entry, so I can't say specifically.

Either way, the previous games were a lot of fun, and they should be reexamined as a more than competent attempt to bring Mega Man into the portable RPG realm. If this is where it peaked on a gameplay front, then I'd say its worth checking out.

However, next week's release is one I stand firmly by as an excellent game, the long elusive Mega Man Zero 2, the highlight of Capcom's other Game Boy Advance Mega Man series.