Fans are going all out to celebrate 25 years of Mega Man, and the incredibly genius games being released by them are making Capcom’s shiny figurines look neglectful by comparison.

The latest fan made game is a co-op title reworking of Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3 with both the titular hero and his mysterious brother, Proto Man, running through redesigned 2.5D levels. A demo has been released shows off a re-imagined Shadow Man stage built with co-op in mind.

The game has been in development since 2009, and creator Peter Sjöstrand has Quick Man, Metal Man, Snake Man, Wood Man, Air Man, Gemini Man, Magnet Man, Wave Man, and Cut Man all lined up in a poll for the final product. Beta testing is to begin soon.

Capcom has been graciously silent while fans take their turns upstaging them, letting the likes of Mega Man Unlimited, Mega Man 2.5D  and especially Mighty No. 9 get away with blatantly ripping off the intellectual property. It even backed Street Fighter X Mega Man as an official game!

One has to think that the only way Capcom can spin the blunder of Mega Man’s 25th anniversary would be to say that it was left in the hands of fans all along, because that’s what it seems like they are doing.

Any other Mega Man projects you think the gaming world should know about?