Late yesterday evening RIM announced its co-CEO and Chairmen Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazardis would step down from their positions this morning. Taking over as president and CEO of the company is Thorsten Heins. Barbara Stymiest will take the position as chairperson of the board.

Heins has been with RIM for just four years, and led a conference call this morning, where he pledged to "do everything possible to exceed the expectations of the company's shareholders." It appears that Heins for the most part intends on continuing with RIM's current plans. He's talking a bit about QNX, which he feels is one of the company's greatest assets. In the video above he also spoke of BlackBerry 10, which he feels is going to be a "blow the socks off" experience.

So, what changes are we in for? For one, Heinz plans to revamp RIM's marketing department, and change the way marketing for the company is done especially in the United States. He also wants to work heavily with employees, and making sure all of the company's products are released in a timely manor and at a high level of quality.

Want to know more about what Heins has in store? Check out the video above for a little more information about RIM's newest CEO and his thoughts on RIM now and in the future.

What do you think? Was Heins a good choice for the CEO role? What do you think RIM needs to do in order to be successful?