At this point, these "death" screens are like horribly written jokes. New hardware releases with its own operating system and, almost inevitably, within days the sucker crashes and burns for the entire Internet to see. The 3DS has been available in North American for less than two days and users are already catching this brand new death screen.

The collective Internet hive mind is naming it, aptly, the Black Screen of Death. That's because, hold on to your hats, the screen is black. Dearest Internet, don't ever let anyone insult your intellect.

The crash is happening, seemingly, on nearly every game folks are playing. GoNintendo reported the problem as it happened to them after finding a post on NeoGAF (mega-popular gaming forum) that confirmed the relatively widespread occurrence. Users report that following the directions on screen brings their system back up quickly. Those that are having constantly reoccurring problems have been returning their systems for new units.

There is already an update for the 3DS available for download from the system. According to some users that previously reported the BSoD, this update has eliminated the problem. However, if we've learned anything from system errors like these, it's to always assume that another problem is lurking in the background.

If Nintendo releases an official statement concerning these system errors over the next few days, rest assured that we'll reprint said release's contents.

It's worth noting that Nintendo is typically not known for producing machines with high hardware failure rates. While the 360 and its notorious Red Ring of Death may have been one of the most widespread console failures ever, I wouldn't expect Nintendo to let the same thing happen to their device. If you're having the problem, your best bet is to hold on and update your system.

Those that purchased the 3DS, have you seen the Black Screen of Death?

[via GoNintendo]