You were never supposed to find the Lord of Pies. The Lord of Pies was supposed to rule from the shadows, with no one the wiser, but then YouTube user LeeCsM had to go find it.

The user glitched and fell through the world in Skyhold, a location in Dragon Age: Inquisition – something you may have noticed happens all the time in massive open-world games – and saw the object above. That music box tune you hear wasn't overlaid for effect, it's actually part of the game.

After LeeCsM posted the video, developers from BioWare and DICE (Battlefield, Mirror's Edge) – both EA studios – appeared in the comments to chat about it.

"I didn't think anyone was going to find this," said Jason Hill of BioWare. Steve Bigras from DICE replied that he couldn't believe "this one was cracked in only two days."

Graham Kelly, also of BioWare, said that he'd hid it under the level and that it was never meant to be found. Someone asked Kelly what these things were, and he replied:

It is…. The Lord of the pies. I may or may not have hidden some of his smaller flock around the rest of Skyhold.

I, for one, swear fealty to the Lord of the Pies, and hope users can find more of these odd Easter eggs.