What I do in the Herd

As an intern at TB I’ll be helping out with whatever everyone else needs. I’ll be handling inventory, doing research for videos, covering social media, as well as making a weekly video series for the channel. -David

I’m mostly behind the scenes; equipment set up, editing, things like that. -Braden

Best Thing About Being in the Herd

I’m very excited to be able to work with other people who are as passionate about technology as I am. I love being able to make videos to talk to a huge audience of people and this internship will allow me to talk to all of you! -David

Camera work and video editing is something that I’ve always wanted to do professionally, the Herd allows me to do that while learning, and growing in my skills in pre and post production. -Braden


Where I Live and Work

I currently live in Southern Virginia where I’m studying Computer Science. I am the Executive Producer of my University’s video production club and I also run my own YouTube channel called “Robo13”. -David

I live in Maryland, currently studying Media Communications and Psychology. I work in my college’s Media Communications Department recording and editing videos. -Braden

When I’m Not Working I’m Into


Gaming is a big part of my life, I love being able to hang out with friends and relax for the night. I also enjoy traveling and seeing new places, especially coming out here to Irvine. I’ve been watching Breaking Bad as well as Game of Thrones for some exciting TV time. -David

I’m practically addicted to League of Legends, but I play other games with my friends too. I spend a lot of time watching TV shows; my favorites are Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and Adventure Time. Other than that it’s just listening music and other standard stuff. -Braden

Tech Arsenal


Computer of Choice:

My custom built gaming PC. With a Intel Core i7 3770k and a GeForce GTX 680, I love being able to game on this machine. Especially with the Steam Summer Sale going on right now! I also love using my 15” MacBook Pro retina. -David

Right now I have a Toshiba P770, when it was new was pretty sweet; but it’s slowly starting to wear down. I’m looking at building a more powerful desktop later this year. -Braden

Mobile Phone of Choice:

I am currently using the iPhone 5 as well as the Droid DNA. I love both phones and have been switching between the two every few days. -David

I’m rocking the Droid Razr Maxx. It’s due for an upgrade but it’s been an awesome phone. -Braden

Gaming System of Choice:

I’d have to choose my gaming PC with Steam. But I’d go with the Xbox 360 for my console choice. -David

PC is number one for me, but the PS3 is a great alternative. -Braden

Other Favorite Gadgets:

My Nikon D5100, Viewsonic Dual Monitors, and my Audio-Technica M50 headphones. -David

I love my Audio Technica ATH M-50s, it’s a rare occasion for me to not have them on. -Braden

Random Tech Top 5 (Five Favorite Games of All Time):


Fallout 3, Far Cry 3, Super Smash Bros (N64), Minecraft, Half-Life -David

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, BlazBlue Continuum Shift, Halo 3, MegaMan X, and Kingdom Hearts Franchise -Braden

Gadgets I’m Lusting After:

Canon 70D, retina iPad Mini, Google Glass, and a smart watch! -David

Canon EOS T3i, KRK Rokit 5 Studio Monitor Speakers, Oculus Rift, Omni Treadmill -Braden

Surfing the Interwebs

Favorite Websites:

YouTube, Reddit, Amazon, Twitter -David

Reddit, Video Copilot, YouTube, Netflix – Braden

Web Sites I Don’t Understand:

Pinterest -David

LolCats – Braden


What I Did Before TechnoBuffalo:

I’ve had my own technology YouTube channel for about 3 years now, so most of my time before this internship was spent working on that. I also am the Executive Producer of my University’s video production club so I spend a lot of my free time running that club and making videos in general. -David

Nothing related, I’ve worked at a Starbuck’s Kiosk, a Barnes & Noble Café, and after the internship I’ll be back at Jimmy John’s. -Braden

Worst Job Ever:

Working in food prep for a summer camp. I just didn’t enjoy the working conditions of the place. -David

Summer Job working at a food stand. Long hours in the hot sun, it wasn’t too bad but I wouldn’t do it again. -Braden

Best Job Ever (Besides this One):

Being able to run my own YouTube channel and make videos on technology has been amazing. -David

I love working at Jimmy John’s, my bosses and co-workers are awesome; and the job itself isn’t too shabby. -Braden


Random Things You Don’t Know About Me: Dungeons-Dragons

I love playing Dungeons & Dragons, I can fix almost any computer related problem, and I love playing lacrosse when I have the time. -David

My last name actually means “Beer Man” in German, my favorite movie is A Clockwork Orange, my favorite thing to play is Dungeons & Dragons and a film I created made it into the Top 16 out of 136 films in my college’s Campus Movie Festival. -Braden