HTC, Nokia, and Samsung are set to start a 4G Windows Phone revolution this year, with the first devices likely to make their debut at Mobile World Congress 2012 in February. As expected with HTC’s handset, however, we already have a leaked image that shows the HTC Radiant in all its glory.

Leaked HTC Radiant

Now, you might be thinking that the Radiant looks a lot like the HTC Titan, the Taiwanese company’s flagship Windows Phone device, which boasts a 4.7-inch display. If you look a little closer at that blurry image, however, you’ll notice the buttons on the side of the Radiant are in a slightly different position, and that the back of the device is much different. Pocket-lint also notes that the HTC logo on the front of the Radiant is slightly larger, and that its front-facing camera is “a bit more prominent.”

Unfortunately there are no specifications accompanying the image — which was obtained by PocketNowbut they speculate that the device will pack a 1.5GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, and a WVGA display. Because of its 4G capabilities, the report suggests the Radiant will also feature a battery better than the 1,600 mAh battery featured in the Titan.

The Radiant will reportedly be one of three super speedy 4G-equipped Windows Phone devices making their debut this year, accompanied by handsets from Nokia and Samsung. While PocketNow suggests the devices could make their debut at CES next week, other reports have claimed that won’t appear until Mobile World Congress next month.

It’s a shame we don’t have a clearer image of the Radiant, but it would appear to be very similar in design to the Titan — at least from the front.

Are you looking forward to HTC first 4G-equipped Windows Phone device?

[via Pocket-lint]