When it comes to future tech, there are two sort of wacky concepts I think are on the horizon, and both have to do with size. (Don't let anyone fool you — size really does matter… well, at least when it comes to gadgets.)

The first is mobile devices that can roll or fold compactly. There are tons of concept designs for this, and at some point, somebody will have to figure out how to perfect one to make people swoon.

But since there's really no tangible one yet, I'll move on to item number two — outsized touch-enabled gadgets for the home. Again, this is something that keeps inspiring concoctions from modders and bona fide designers — and quite frankly, there's little wonder why. Interactive surfaces are, frankly, just cool. And when it comes to them, the first name that springs to mind is Microsoft. It not only built a home of the future that's riddled with them, but it also released a Microsoft Surfaces SDK, so others can get in on the fun — like the Evoluce TWO.

The German company behind the Evoluce TWO specializes in large capacitive displays, and its latest project continues the tradition with 46 beastly inches of screen. But this monster multi-touch LCD display is no piece of signage — it's oriented horizontally to form a table, one that can actually register 60+ simultaneous contacts with haptic feedback. In other words, it's like a giant tablet set as a table big enough for a family of four, except they could use it all at once without fighting over it.

The glass is scratch-resistant, which is perfect for the mother of all coffee tables. And like the Microsoft Surface, the Evoluce TWO integrates a Microsoft Kinect, so detect 3D shapes and objects.

This is such a great idea. Why do computer tasks have to remain such solitary experiences when they could be shared activities? Not only could we do battle on this (like old-style tabletop arcade games), we could also organize pics, recipes and music in the living room with family, share our latest projects to pals sitting across from us, and collaborate in other new and interesting ways with colleagues.

And parents, check this one out: Little Missy and all her friends could have a coloring fest without bits of crayon or paint smushed into your carpet. That alone would almost be worth the asking price.

Er — maybe not. This puppy's retailing for over $7,000. Ouch. There's no chance this will grab the consumer market until they figure out how to slash this price. Until then, this will remain firmly in the enterprise class. But the day they do, I'll be first in line to get my coffee table of the future.

What do you think? Could you see yourself using this? Check out the vid, and then weigh in.

[via Coolest Gadgets]