IGB Electronica SA Android IPHONE

Ever wished you could have an iPhone running Android? Well you can if you live in Brazil … kind of.

IGB Electronica SA, an electronics maker based in Brazil, announced this morning that it will soon be launching its line of Android-powered IPHONE handsets, according to Reuters. It seems the company applied for, and was granted, the IPHONE trademark for Brazil back in 2000, and after a recent restructuring has decided to put it to use. The first device to launch under the brand name will be the Neo One pictured in this post.

Apple has said on several occasions that it plans to expand its operations in Brazil, and has even begun hiring for the first Apple store in the country. Additionally, Foxconn opened a manufacturing plant there this year as it assists with the high import taxes on bringing electronics in to the South American country.

This story bears a striking resemblance to the legal battle Apple had in China with Proview over the iPad trademark. Eventually a settlement was reached for $60 million dollars in that case, and that is sure to have made other companies around the world with similar trademarks take notice.

Apple has so far been silent on this latest development, but there are sure to be some lawyers scrambling around in the company's Cupertino headquarters as you read this.