VidCon 2011

VidCon 2011 kicks off today in Los Angeles, and if you’re attending, be sure to find our own TechnoBuffalo President Jon Rettinger and video editing guru Jon Quach wandering the halls.  If you want to be sure to find our two con ambassadors, they will both be part of a panel on Friday morning:

Title: Building a Great Video Rig
Time & location: Friday, July 29 at 10:10 AM in Pacific Room
Description: How do you build the best possible video rig for the least possible amount of money.  Join this cast of all-star YouTube and video experts as they lay out the best video cameras, microphones, video editors and lighting kits.

VidCon is going on both today and tomorrow at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel and you can find out more information about the show at the VidCon 2011 site.  If you can find Jon and/or Jon, make sure you stop and say hi to them, and chat with them for a few moments about video production.