Mew-Genics, a brand new game from the indie Team Meat, has officially been announced. This oddity will be the next game released from the fan-favorite developer.

Team Meat has been enjoying a nice surge in popularity lately thanks to the well received Indie Game: The Movie that's recently been made available on both Netflix and Steam. The duo responsible for Super Meat Boy showed poise under pressure in the documentary, and they both earned a wealth of fans from both the flick and their wonderfully difficult game.

As such, anything that they announce will instantly garner a following. That's the case with Mew-Genics. Slap the Team Meat name on the project, and my interest is piqued.

We don't have much to go on for the game aside from the image you see at the head of the post. In the blog entry that announced the game on Team Meat's official site, the devs wrote this about Mew-Genics:

We don't want to spoil too much here, but we can say the game will be randomly generated, strange and involve cats.

To all of that, we say "sold."

We'll be following Mew-Genics, and we'll have more on it as it comes.