Name:Roy Choi
aka: @theRealRoyChoi
Position: Managing Editor

What I Do in the Herd

I manage, I get to play with gadgets and tell you about them. More importantly, I get to do things to make sure TechnoBuffalo is awesome. It's also my job to make everyone else's job at TechnoBuffalo easier.

Best Thing About Being In the Herd: Like everyone in the Herd, I obviously share a love for technology. I get to work with some awesome folks who know their stuff. I hear there are NERF wars.


Where I Live and Work: Irvine, CA

When I'm Not Working I'm Into: Sports: I love American baseball, especially the Angels. I religiously follow UCLA sports (Go Bruins!); football and basketball of course. John Wooden is one of my biggest heroes. I am a UCLA Football season ticket holder, you'll see me at most Rose Bowl home games, unless I give my tickets to Jon.

Taking our dogs to the dog beach. They love running around unleashed there.

Love going to concerts, I'll let Jon tell you about the concert we went to in Vegas.

Tech Arsenal

Computer of Choice: 24-inch iMac, I probably should upgrade though.

Mobile Phone of Choice: Currently, the Samsung Galaxy Note. It's large and in charge (sorta, the battery life could be better).

Gaming System of Choice: Monopoly, I've always wanted to be the 1 percent. I have in my possession a PS3 and Wii, I play a lot of sports games on the PS3. Apparently being Korean, I'm supposed to be awesome at Starcraft. I'm not.

Other Favorite Gadgets: My iPad 2. It's with me nearly everywhere I go.

Random Tech Top 5: That creep me out or scare me. Google Street View cars, nose hair trimmers, ATMs that talk to you, mobile apps that make you look fatter or older and active 3D technology.

Gadgets I'm Lusting After:

A Samsung UN60ES8000. And this one isn't a gadget, but Jon said we can get one of these in the office when we become "big".

Surfing The Interwebs

Favorite Web Sites: ESPN, Deadspin (gotta have balance, probably one of the most creative bunch of commenters), Uni-watch, Macrumors, Screamscape, PeopleofWalmart and of course Technobuffalo.

Web Sites I Don't Understand: Pintrest. News website that hides their content behind a pay wall, looking at you


What I Did Before TechnoBuffalo: I made magic as a Documentation Administrator for Walt Disney Parks and Resort. Created operating guides and training material for the fine folks that make the theme parks, hotels/resorts and restaurants run as well as it does.

Worst Job Ever: Volunteer campaign worker, cold calling registered voters to vote for a state assembly election campaign. Did not make it past the primaries, probably my fault.

Best Job Ever (besides this one): I spent 6 glorious weeks in Hawaiian paradise opening a new Disney Resort. Amazing beaches, friendliest people, simply amazing.


Random Things You Don't Know About Me: I love things that are lenticular (forget 3D), dinosaur-related anything, manatees (the gentle sea cow) and banana cream pie.