Last year, Palm stole the show with their fresh, innovative WebOS and Palm Pre.  Since then, Palm has pushed relatively minor software updates to WebOS and launched the Pixi towards the beginning of last years final quarter.  This year Palm returned with a refresh of their current offerings and a host of new features coming for WebOS 1.4.

Palm Pre Pluspreplus2

The original Palm Pre was certainly a pretty solid offering that came at no better time for Palm.  The operating system received plenty of praise for its innovative card UI and Synergy of social media contacts.  Although poor hardware construction seemed to plague a vast number of users, the complete experience earned a stop among the best.

On the first birthday of the Pre’s announcement, Palm introduced us to the improved Pre Plus.  Of the changes to the device, the most obvious is the transition away from the navigation button and toward the Pixi’s buttonless gesture area.  Judging from impressions, the Pre Plus’s slider has been reconstructed for a more solid, reassuring feel.  They’ve bumped internal storage from the 4GB/8GB to the 8GB/16GB options and doubled the onboard memory from 256 MB to 512.  The device will ship with the touchstone compatible back cover, phasing out the older piano black fingerprint magnet.

pixiplus2Palm Pixi Plus

In September 2009, Palm debuted the Pre’s little brother the Pixi exclusively for Sprint.  The candybar Pixi sports a smaller touchscreen than the Pre with a less powerful processor and no WiFi capabilities.  Offered at $99 on contract, it was a tough sell against the more powerful Pre who came in at $150.

Four months after it’s debut, Palm announced the Pixi Plus that’ll be shipping in late January.  The only difference between the new and old model is the addition of WiFi.  The device will still ship with 8GB of storage and the less powerful 2.0 megapixel camera (3.0 on the Pre) with LED flash.

Those thinking of picking up the Motorola Droid might want to hold off as these two devices will be coming to Verizon on January 25th.  Still unannounced were the two devices that AT&T said would be coming in the first half of ’10.  Heck, those might just be these Plus devices once their exclusivity ends.  It’s anyone’s guess.  Impressed with what Palm’s got coming?  Planning to pick one up?  Let us know in the comments!