Into The Herd - Noah Profile

Name: Noah Kravitz
aka: @noahkravitz

Position: Editor at Large

What I Do in the Herd

Write reviews of tech gadgets and software, analysis of business-y stuff, and this thing called “Ugly But Deadly.” Make videos about all of it, especially phones and tablets. Lots of behind the scenes stuff. Too much tweeting. More livecasts from this day forward, too!

Best Thing About Being in the Herd: Getting to interact with the readers on the site and via social media. Bugging Sean – I mean, Emily! – in the company chat room.


Into The Herd - Noah Kravitz

Where I Live and Work: Oakland, CA

When I’m Not Working I’m Into:

Cooking, Eating and Drinking (Really hoppy IPAs, lately); Running; Reading car magazines and obsessing over sneakers (Guilty Pleasures); Listening to and playing music (I’m a drummer); TV (Community, 30 Rock, Top Chef, and NCAA/NBA hoops, lately); Hanging with my family and friends, most of all

Tech Arsenal

Into The Herd - Noah Kravitz's PhoneComputer of Choice: Mac Pro Quad-Core Xeon (Desktop), MacBook Air 11″ (Laptop)

Mobile Phone of Choice: Apple iPhone 4 in an Animal-from-Muppets case. Or, when I’m fed-up with being hyperconnected, my old Nokia 5310

Gaming System of Choice: Xbox 360, but I’m terrible at every game and rarely play. If you see nk126 on Live, you can rough me up at FIFA 11. We also have a Wii that hasn’t been used in at least a year.

Other Favorite Gadgets: Nike+ Sportband, Etymotics hf2 Earbuds, Francis Francis X5 Espresso Maker (kitchen gadgets are gadgets too!)

Random Tech Top 5: Top Five All-Time Arcade Games: 1. Zoo Keeper, 2. Galaga, 3. Star Wars (Original 1983 Game), 4. Ms. Pac-Man, 5. Donkey Kong

Gadgets I’m Lusting After: A high-quality point and shoot camera with HD video and a swiveling display to replace both my camera and camcorder, Tesla Model S so I can be high-performance and low-emissions when I drive.

Surfing the InterWebs


Favorite Web Sites:

Peanuts, Wolfgang’s Vault, ESPN True Hoop, Inside Hoops, YouTube, Various Car Blogs, Engadget (until 90% of the writers I like left)

Web Sites I Don’t Understand: Foursquare. Really, I get it but I just don’t get it.


What I Did Before TechnoBuffalo: Editor-in-Chief of a mobile tech site, Director of Technology and Computer Teacher at a few different schools in California and New York, Web Producer, Freelance Journalist, Tech Support Consultant, Very Low-Paid drummer in bar bands

Worst Job Ever: Dishwasher, for one night, at a neighborhood restaurant when I was in high school

Best Job Ever (besides this one): Projectionist at a two-dollar movie theater when I was in high school. I made almost no money but I got to watch the movies and eat free popcorn. Plus, I had the key to open up the arcade game in the lobby and add free credits to it.


Into The Herd – Noah Kravitz’s BookRandom Thing You Don’t Know About Me:

I wrote a book about technology in education. You can read it for free on Google Books. Don’t worry about reading it for free instead of buying it – I think the book sold maybe 10 copies total, and I earned about $40 royalties. Totally worth it, though.