Name: Jon Quach
aka: @WaffleJon

Position: SEO and Graphics Guy

What I Do in the Herd

Like a lot of people, I’m a behind-the-scenes guy – like the wind. I make sure things work properly and I make sure the site looks pretty.

Best Thing About Being in the Herd:

I get to work with some very awesome people! One of them is a huge Lakers fan, and another is bald and wears glasses.


Where I Live and Work: Toronto, Canada

When I’m Not Working I’m Into:

Starcraft 2 and Reddit (lol). Since I’ve learned the importance of “taking it easy”, most of my downtime nowadays is spent with my girlfriend and family.

Tech Arsenal

Computer of Choice:  MacBook Pro 15-inch, Intel i7 with 8GB of RAM (Baller setup right?)

Mobile Phone of Choice: iPhone 4

Gaming System of Choice:  PC Gaming (technically Mac gaming since I don’t have a PC no mo’)

Das Keyboard

Other Favorite Gadgets: I’m so glad this question was in here.. My Das Keyboard Professional mechanical keyboard (can’t praise these things enough) and my Razor DeathAdder mouse.

Random Tech Top 5: Top Five All-Time Applications: 1. Espresso / Coda 2. Thunderbird 3. Google Chrome 4. Adobe Photoshop CS3 (not CS4 or CS5) 5. Skype. I know the ones I’ve mentioned are commonplace, but if you actually think about the application as an actual program (from UI design, to functionality and execution), they’re absolute masterpieces.

Gadgets I’m Lusting After: The next generation Canon 5D Mark 2 camera (I don’t even think they’ve announced this thing yet), and an all-white Ducky Tenkeyless keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches (you gamers out there should know what I be talkin’ bout).

Surfing the InterWebs

Favorite Web Sites: Reddit and YouTube for leisure. SmashingMagazine for inspiration and learnings. And some more Reddit.

Web Sites I Don’t Understand: Facebook. There … I said it! Judge me if you must!

HistoryZoom H4N

What I Did Before TechnoBuffalo: Nokia themer and YouTuber (still am)

Worst Job Ever: A mover for some miscellaneous moving company

Best Job Ever (besides this one):  Aw shucks … The brief moment in time when I considered YouTube as my main job. That was awesome


Random Thing You Don’t Know About Me:

At one point I was an amateur powerlifter and I was training to compete. Unfortunately, I got pretty badly injured and the dream kinda died from there. My max stats were: Bench – 300lbs or so, Squat – 325lbs, Deadlift – 495lbs, and just for fun, Leg Press – 1000+lbs (kinda lost count, couldn’t fit anymore plates on that particular leg press machine).