Name: Joey Davidson
Position: Video Games Editor

What I Do in the Herd

I am the official Video Games Editor. In my mind, that means all I do is sit at a desk and play video games for hours on end until I have something to write about. The reality is that I spend all day camping in front of my Inbox and cruising the Web for press releases, trailers and news. The bad news: there’s no leveling up in boredom.

Best Thing About Being in the Herd: The crew I work with and the readers of the site are among the best. I’ve spent time with nearly a dozen publications and, honestly, TechnoBuffalo ranks at the top in terms of talent, teamwork and community.


Where I Live and Work: Bear, Delaware (I could very well be the first person you’re “meeting” from DE.)

When I’m Not Working I’m Into: Gaming, obviously. I’m a massive hockey fan (Penguins), a golfer, a mountain biker and a man with a brand new family. I also love the heck out of my dog, Emma. She’s an awesome sheltie.

Tech Arsenal

Computer of Choice: On the go? My 13-inch MacBook Pro. At home? The computer I’ve been cobbling together with spare money. It runs Ubuntu because I’m poor… oh, and Linux is good or something.

Mobile Phone of Choice: iPhone 4… for now. The Android OS has been making me jealous lately.

Minecraft Logo

Gaming System of Choice: This is, simply, the hardest question on the list for me. I have every system. EVERY SYSTEM. I love them all for their own qualities. Recently it’s been my PC and Minecraft. But I did just receive my review 3DS and a boat load of games. Instead of trying to expand on this one, I’ll leave it like this: I’m lucky to have each console, I don’t have a favorite.

Other Favorite Gadgets: My Keurig coffee maker, the William Shatner voice pack on my GPS and my insanely awesome cat litter box.

Random Tech Top 5: Top Five All-time Video Game Time-Wasters: Fishing in Minecraft, Fishing in Warcraft, Fishing in Ocarina of Time, Fishing in Animal Crossing, Fishing in Seaman…wait a minute…

Gadgets I’m Lusting After: Just received the 3DS. The NGP is next.

Surfing the InterWebs

Favorite Web Sites: Reddit,, Puck Daddy, VG247, Boing Boing, Japan Probe.

Web Sites I Don’t Understand:


What I Did Before TechnoBuffalo: Editor-in-Chief at, Editor at (current), Reviewer at, Editor at Console, Senior Writer at The list, it keeps going.

HummerWorst Job Ever: Worked in a Pepsi packing facility in the southwest for, like, a week. It was after college and I needed scratch to make it back home.

Best Job Ever (besides this one): On the same trip in the southwest as the Pepsi plant, I was actually a Jeep and Hummer tour guide. Four-wheeled through the mountains of Durango, Colorado.


Random Thing You Don’t Know About Me: I was a film major in college and, given time and space, will talk your ear off about foreign horror films. Nerd city.