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What I do in the Herd Blog about mobile news five days a week and cover as many NY tech events as humanly possible. Scan tech blogs and social media for the latest news and rumors about smartphones, tablets and new apps.

Best Thing About Begin in the Herd Working with an awesome team of tech writers and geeks all over the world. Writing about the coolest new gadgets and apps every day in my pajamas


New York City - Brooklyn

Where I Live and Work Born, raised and still living in Brooklyn, NY. I work from home and all over the city.

When I’m Not Working I’m Into
Going to as many live concerts as I can, reading, biking, watching Netflix, and playing Magic: The Gathering and board games with my roommates.

Tech Arsenal

13 inch MacBook Pro - 2013

Computer of Choice: I just traded my beat-up 5-year-old 15-inch MacBook Pro for a new 13-inch Pro.

Mobile Phone of Choice: iPhone 4S for now…

Gaming System of Choice: Xbox 360 and Wii (really whatever I can get my hands on). Waiting until the new Super Smash Bros. game comes out before I even think about buying a Wii U.

Other Favorite Gadgets: Portable iPhone/iPod speakers, Roku, my dad’s iPad, my iPod Classic jam-packed with 10,000 songs.

Vine - App - iPhone 5

Random Tech Top 5 (iPhone apps I can’t live without): Readability, Vine, Instagram, Rayman Run, Flashlight.

Gadgets I’m Lusting After: Nexus 7, Galaxy Note 2, iPhone 5, iOS 7 (I know it’s software and not a gadget but with Jony Ive in charge I have a feeling it’ll be great).

Surfing the Interwebs

Favorite Websites: Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Gawker, NYTimes, recovering BuzzFeed addict.

Web Sites I Don’t Understand: Drudge Report.


What I Did Before TechnoBuffalo: Basically the same thing I’ll be doing here but for IBT Media. Before that I was Editor-in-Chief of the Wesleyan University student newspaper and freelancing where I could.

Worst Job Ever: Food prep at a local cafe; I sliced myself cutting open an avocado and my boss started yelling at me for bleeding on the floor.

Paris - Sunset

Best Job Ever (Besides this One): Freelancing for goparis.about.com while I was living in France post-college. I got paid to review wine bars, restaurants and museum exhibitions.


Random Things You Don’t Know About Me: I double majored in English and French Literature in college. I’m not just a tech geek; me and my roommates host a Magic: The Gathering draft every Sunday at our apartment. I cook a mean fried rice (my Filipino college roommate taught me how).