Name: Jack McGrath

Position: Contributing Editor

What I Do in the Herd

I’ve been writing everything from game previews to profiles of lesser-known technology figures for about nine months now. As an iOS developer, I’ve been posting a weekly series describing the numerous challenges that one has to overcome in order to begin building apps. I also am starting a weekly series that demystifies the technology terms that we hear all too often but know nothing about.

Best Thing About Being in the Herd: Learning more and more about technology, interacting with readers in the comments, answering questions, and the general tomfoolery that I have seen on many an email thread.


Where I Live and Work: Chicago, IL

When I’m Not Working I’m Into: Gaming, whether it be of the video variety or simply playing a game of Scrabble; Playing and listening to music – I currently play five instruments (Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Cello); Watching TV – recently I’ve been going through both Scrubs and Lost again; Movies; What I like to call “Binge Sleeping” – it’s when you get about fifteen hours of sleep total during the work week and then sleep for about twelve hours on the weekend.

Tech Arsenal

iPhone 4 GrungeComputer of Choice: Currently working off of a 13-inch MacBook Pro with an attached 23-inch Dell monitor, but would gladly trade it out for a Mac Pro.

Mobile Phone of Choice: Apple iPhone 4, which I mainly use to test applications that I build.

Gaming System of Choice: While I like to remain neutral on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 debate front, I will admit that the Wii is my last choice, unless I’m playing Super Mario Brothers Galaxy.

Other Favorite Gadgets: Amazon Kindle, iPad, Kinect, Move, Bamboo Tablet, 3D Mouse, Bose Headphones.

Random Tech Top 5: Top Five Current-Generation Console Games: 5. Halo: Reach 4. Halo 3 3. Red Dead Redemption 2. Super Mario Galaxy 1. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Gadgets I’m Lusting After: Looking forward to the arrival of Sony’s NGP and HP’s TouchPad.

Surfing the InterWebs

Favorite Web Sites: Engadget, WSJ, IGN, Netflix, Pandora, Twitter, Facebook, CNN, StumbleUpon

Web Sites I Don’t Understand: Reddit. I honestly don’t understand how you could get any legitimate information from it.


What I Did Before TechnoBuffalo: I’ve done professional iOS development for an NYSE-traded company and freelance programming on the side; I’m the Editor-in-Chief of Cognito News, a politics blog that is set to be pushed out of beta this summer; Web developer; Caddy.

Worst Job Ever: Caddy. It’s like they tease you with the prospect that you will make money, but instead they make you run around like a foolish donkey for nine hours a day and you end up making less than minimum wage.

Best Job Ever (besides this one): iOS Developer. In one specific instance, I was leading a marketing team with people twice my age in building out both a business strategy and an intuitive app.


Random Thing You Don’t Know About Me: Though both of the languages are completely dead, I chose to take Latin and Homeric Greek as my second and third languages. Will they help me? Probably not as much as I would hope, but at least I can recite the first ten lines of The Odyssey on command and shout out the entire greek alphabet in about four seconds.