Adriana LeeName: Adriana Lee
Position: Lifestyle Editor

What I Do in the Herd

Cover modern lifestyle, tech culture and communications, entertainment, and service pieces, along with gadget news, op-eds, and anything else Jon, Noah or Sean tell me to do.

Best Thing About Being in the Herd: I'm still new, but getting to work alongside the fine folks at TB has been awesome. Mostly though, I'm thrilled that I get paid to play with gadgets while working in my pajamas.


Where I Live and Work: New England

When I'm Not Working I'm Into: Cooking (more like food hacking), knitting (more like yarn hacking), singing (yes, Rock Band counts), and lindy hop dancing. And I've just started trying to teach myself the guitar from online vids and apps.

Tech Arsenal

MacBook Pro 13Computer of Choice: 13-inch MacBook Pro (with external monitors, Magic Trackpad)

Mobile Phone of Choice: Usually iPhone 4 and either HTC Inspire or Droid X (depending on the coverage area I go to)

Gaming System of Choice: iOS (does that count?). I'm currently kicking butt in Infinity Blade. But the Wii is still fun every once in a while. And occasionally, when the hubby lets me get near the PC, I check out Minecraft.

Other Favorite Gadgets: iPad 2, Motorola Xoom (I love the widescreen), Palm Pixi (say what you will, but it fits in my skinny purse, and who can beat a free hotspot?), and my kitchen thermometer (I can't bake without it).

Random Tech Top 5: Five favorite accessories of the moment: FOXL Bluetooth speakers from SoundMatters (how do they fit so much sound into something so small?), Etymotic earbuds (great quality audio for earbuds), Energizer XP4001 portable charger (powers every mobile gadget I have), Joby Gorillamobile iPhone tripod, and a goofy, tiny and cheap capacitive iOS stylus from Hong Kong that connects to my iPad's dock connector. I love it — use it all the time and never lose it.

Artefact Camera

Gadgets I'm Lusting After: If only they'd make the Artefact concept camera/phone! Also the Roomba and Scooba (I hate cleaning floors!). But most of all, a smartphone that can last a week on a single charge.

Surfing the InterWebs

Favorite Web Sites: Aside from the usual suspects (Engadget, BGR, CNET, etc…), Fail blog, GeekSugar, DamnYouAutoCorrect, FunnyOrDie and Maangchi (awesome Korean recipes).

Web Sites I Don't Understand:
Not a site, but a page — a specific one on Amazon. Can someone explain why a t-shirt of three wolves howling at the moon would still inspire comments, three years later? C'mon, this is the web — we're supposed to have a shorter attention span than that. I'm very disappointed in everyone's continued focus and concentration here. Oh yeah, and also Foursquare.


TablesWhat I Did Before TechnoBuffalo: Mobile Lifestyle Editor, PhoneDog, and Managing Editor, Today's iPhone.

Worst Job Ever: Waiting tables at a freshman hangout in college. Couldn't get around fast enough, because my shoes kept sticking to the floor. It's the kind of gross that "gross" looks at and says, "Ew, that's gross."

Best Job Ever (besides this one): Copywriter at an ad agency. Fun environment, great colleagues, and my boss and I used to cut the tension before meetings by busting on each other. Damn, I miss that guy.


Random Thing You Don't Know About Me: I speak more Spanish than Korean, and my Spanish is rusty. (Me falta practicar.) So if you randomly say something in Spanish to me, I might answer back in Spanglish. And for that, I am so so sorry.

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