I manage most of the mobile video content – things you love like unboxings, reviews, head-to-head comparisons, and the like. I also do some written work as well. If you see a phone on TechnoBuffalo, I’m probably lurking around somewhere. I’m involved on the Revision3 side as well, hosting “Rumor Roundup” and a to-be-determined show (stay tuned!). I’ll also be representing TechnoBuffalo on various news networks.

Best Thing About Being In The Herd

I get to be in front of a camera representing a great company. I get to work with an exceptional team, and more importantly, a group of folks that are fantastic in areas where I’m not. I’ve known quite a few of the TBers for years, and it’s great to be working together and doing incredible things under the same roof. Now Jon and I get paid to video bomb each other!

I’m incredibly fortunate to have a job I love doing every single day.

Where I Live and Work

Dallas, TX.

When I’m Not Working

I’m Into Running (I run a LOT) and aviation. It’s a hobby in the most strict sense of the word (I have no desire to get my license or anything like that), but I love reading up on commercial aviation and the history behind it. I flew just over 106,000 miles last year and about 90,000 the year before, so I imagine the hobby stemmed from the constant work travel that I’ve done in the past. I’m the guy that will tell you the runway the plane is going to land on when it’s on final approach. Or the guy that points at the sky and says “nice Boeing 747-400.” Or the guy that calls you to tell you that your destination airport has issued a ground stop. Also known as the guy you sit beside on the plane and ignore and pretend to be asleep when he talks. My favorite aircraft is the Boeing 747-8.

Otherwise, I like being outside. I love technology, but it’s nice to take a break every now and then and appreciate the outdoors. I also love trying new restaurants.

Computer of Choice

I use a 13-inch MacBook Pro, but my computer of choice would likely be the MacBook Pro 15-inch with Retina Display. I’m all about consolidation (I hate carrying two of anything on a regular basis), so it fits the bill for both work (video editing) and pleasure (browsing CNN with kajillions of pixels).

Mobile Phone of Choice

I’m currently working with the Samsung Galaxy Note II, though I flip (cover…HAHAHA nerd joke!) back and forth between it and the red Galaxy S III (which I carried in various colors for about six months). Android is finally up to par on the fluidity scale for me, and it’s my go-to platform (until I get antsy and want to switch) due to excellent Google integration. I’m always sending emails, signing documents, and the like, so the large display and S Pen are very handy, not to mention the exceptional battery life. For someone that’s on the road often, it’s a fantastic feature.

Gaming System of Choice

I’m not a gamer, but based on what I play occasionally – Super Nintendo, and more specifically, Dr. Mario. I always liked Goldeneye on Nintendo 64. They don’t make them like they used to. I like board games (GASP!) like Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit.

Other Favorite Gadgets

My Cisco IP Phone in my office. I’ve always been obsessed with Cisco phones for some odd reason. And it sends voicemail to my email address. WOO! We go big or go home at TechnoBuffalo Texas.

Separately, I love the adapters that I have for when I’m traveling to Europe.

Random Tech Top 5 (mobile failures)

1. Dell Aero; 2. LG Revolution; 3. Samsung Continnum; 4. HP Veer; 5. LG Ally

Gadgets I’m Lusting After

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m passionately against text messaging while driving. I also think the solution is better in-car technology. The gadget – or tech, more specifically – that I’m after is in-car technology that allows me to speak to my car for various things. There’s no reason why, in 2013, I can’t get in my car and say “car, analyze traffic on Dallas North Tollway” and have the car tell me the best route. Or calculate as I’m driving. Long story short, we have to find ways to make in-car technology available for all cars, and make it cool (the preferred alternative to typing while driving).

Favorite Web Sites

AirNation.net, FlightAware, CNN, CNBC, Dallas Morning News, NBCDFW.com, Facebook, YouTube, American Airlines (sad, but true).

Web Sites I Don’t Understand

That cheeseburger web site with pictures of animals. Weirds me out every time. Also, anything relating to Honey Boo Boo.

What I Did Before TechnoBuffalo

I’ve been in mobile in various capacities for ten years. I was the Editor-in-Chief of PhoneDog for years, and before that, worked in a host of different positions within the industry. You name it – Account Executive, National Retail, B2B, retail – I’ve been there at some point. I’ve also been on camera talking about phones for a long time, in a lot of different places.

Worst Job Ever

I worked at CompUSA for a week and hated it. Such a poorly run organization!

Best Job Ever (besides this one)

I had a great four years at PhoneDog. I’d also rank my time at Helio up there. I was the Indirect Account Executive for a region of the country, and had 59 stores that I worked with on a regular basis. When you look at it on paper, my career has been split – part of it involved working on the business side of things (negotiating, signing deals, etc.) and the other part has been on camera, doing YouTube content, web ads, and more. I love them both equally.

Random Things You Don’t Know About Me

My eyes are blue, but I have brown in one of my eyes (my girlfriend calls it my “marble eye”). I’m left-handed. My nickname within the industry is Hairon Baker because of my hair styles over the years. I love acting and doing various things on camera (obviously!). I have a cat named Mittens Baker.