Periscope may be beating Meerkat on the iPhone, but the underdog live streaming app could get a second chance on Android. The small company launched a new Beta program on Thursday ahead of its Twitter-owned rival.

You’ll have to sign up for Meerkat’s Android Beta before gaining access, though that just means filling in your full name, Twitter handle and email address. There’s no word on when Meerkat will actually send out an early version of the app, and we’re guessing the first build will be at least a little buggy. Meanwhile, Periscope recently said it was hard at work on an Android app without offering any sort of release window.

In case you haven’t been following this story, both Periscope and Meerkat basically offer the same thing: unfiltered live streaming straight from your smartphone. The only difference is that Periscope is owned by Twitter and boasts a more polished design, while Meerkat launched first.

Neither is available on Android yet, and whichever company can expand beyond the iPhone first could gain a huge advantage moving forward.