The campaign had a meager goal of $40,000 to start, and it surpassed that mark before the first day was over. Here's the video that shows the idea off in motion.

The cost to get in on this now that the Early Bird tier is gone is just $60. That'll get you a pre-order of the Turing Tumble.

As a father of two, and one with an early leaning toward technical stuff, this is really intriguing. I like the idea that my kids will be able to take a new, hands-on approach to computer design, especially as that becomes more and more standard for everyday life.

I'm not going to back it, though. I've seen too many Kickstarters go belly up or take way too long to hit production to lean into this one at this early stage. Once it's made and available? Yes, I'm in. For now, I leave that money dropping to the braver souls among us.

Anyone with kids think this looks cool, too? Or, heck, anyone think this looks cool regardless of their parental status?