McLaren Racing has announced that it will take a 3D printer to the Bahrain Grand Prix next week. The tool will be used to print “race-ready” parts for the new McLaren MCL32 car, so the team can integrate design modifications and reduce the weight of the vehicle during track testing.

“We are consistently modifying and improving our Formula 1 car designs, so the ability to test new designs quickly is critical to making the car lighter and more importantly increasing the number of tangible iterations in improved car performance,” said Neil Oatley, McLaren Racing’s Design and Development Director.

A slew of different parts can be 3D printed

This move is an expansion of the firm’s partnership with 3D specialist Stratasys, which has been tasked with creating printable designs for a whole host of parts, including carbon-fiber reinforced nylon material hydraulic line brackets, flexible radio cables, brake cooling ducts and rear wing flaps.