In case you needed more evidence that Apple is planning to announce their tablet tomorrow, here we go.Recent rumors that Apple was working with print publishers like Hatchette Book Group and McGraw-Hill began surfacing late last week.In a last minute slip, Apple’s tablet was confirmed…but not by Apple.

Mc-Graw Hill CEO Terry McGraw joined CNBC tonight to discuss their first quarterly earnings boost in years.In a moment that he’s undoubtedly about to regret, Terry confirmed that the two have been working together for quite some time.He didn’t stop there!He revealed the tablet would run an OS based off the iPhone’s and that it’s going to be “really terrific.”95% of McGraw-Hill’s publishing are available in ebook format, signaling a press for adoption in the education market.Funny enough, Terry added “they [Apple] will make their announcement tomorrow.”Wait, this is live?Oops!

Um, Terry? Steve is on line two.