Snorlax McDonalds

Sources at Gizmodo have confirmed that the sponsorship deal between Pokémon GO and McDonald's is a "go." "In one country in Asia," that is almost certainly Japan, every McDonald's will be made into viable PokéStop or gym, loading kids up with both PokéBalls, potions, revives, and hamburgers.

It's a good thing that Pokémon GO requires kids to walk around, just to burn off those French Fry calories.

Gizmodo admits that it does not have confirmation that the country is indeed Japan. However, circumstantial evidence all point towards this being the case. McDonald's and The Pokémon Company have long enjoyed a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship, except that time McDonald's ditched it to support Yo-kai Watch. It also points towards the delays in Japan as a result of the business deal waiting to be finalized.

Developer Niantic has also used Japanese convenient stores for sponsorship in the past, hinting that it knows the ropes of wheeling in the big guns.

Makes sense, and I have a McDonald's just two buildings from my apartment. Sweet! Easily accessible PokéStop for the win! However, the deal does not yet seem to carry over into the States… just yet.