Next time you want a double cheeseburger meal from McDonald's, you might be able to pay for it using your mobile phone. The fast-food chain is currently piloting a new program that allows its customers to use a mobile to device to order and pay for a meal. A family could order on the way home from soccer practice, for example, and have the food ready as they pass the McDonald's on their way home.

The pilot is currently taking place in Salt Lake City and Austin, Bloomberg said. Suspiciously, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile also tested the ISIS mobile payment solution in both of those cities, so perhaps McDonald's is also looking at an NFC mobile checkout method, too.

"While many competitors are publicizing their efforts to get an initial foothold in the mobile arena, no one has developed a comprehensive solution that integrates all the opportunities this technology presents," say notes obtained by Bloomberg. Technically that's true, though with apps such as Seamless Web and in various cities, mobile ordering is rather common — though Seamless takes its cut of revenues.

Since McDonald's program is still a pilot, it's still possible it will be scrapped. Though we wouldn't be surprised to see it launch in additional markets if it helps increase efficiency inside of its fast-food restaurants.