It will soon be easier to order a Big Mac than ever. McDonald's will introduce mobile ordering in 10 major markets starting next year. The move is the latest step by the burger giant to embrace technology throughout its stores in the United States.

Mobile ordering is a practice many businesses are starting to implement in their stores to boost sales. Starbucks introduced its version of it last year through its popular mobile app, allowing customers to order their favorite drinks before arriving at the store, making the experience of picking up coffee much quicker. Dunkin' Donuts followed suit.

There's no word yet on how McDonald's will implement its version of mobile ordering, however.

McDonald's already began to update stores around the country, adding virtual menus and self-serving kiosks. It has gone through some tough times lately with the rise of awareness in healthy eating that juxtaposed terribly with its reputation of unhealthy fast-food. As the company tries to become a "modern, progressive company," as one of its executive noted on Thursday, this is just the latest step to attract customers.

Businesses aim to adapt with technology

We've begun to assume that we can order anything from our phones and receive it at our doorsteps, without ever leaving home, thanks to products like Amazon Prime Now. As a result, companies like McDonald's are also beginning to adopt this type of customer service. It's a good idea, no doubt, but we're not quite sure how it fits into McDonald's vision of creating a healthier customer base.