Virtual reality is becoming unavoidable, thanks largely to Google’s budget-friendly Cardboard headsets. Now even McDonald’s is getting in on the fun with a new Happy Meal box that transforms into a VR viewer.

The redesigned box, which the company is calling Happy Goggles, launches on March 5 in Sweden. McDonald’s only has 3,500 units to start, but it plans to expand to more countries in the future if this first round is a success.

Assembling the Cardboard viewer looks simple enough, though it’s a little more complicated that some other models. First you’ll need to empty the box, which includes a special lens unit. Then you just pop out a few precut holes and fold the remaining cardboard into a rectangular box. Finally, slide in the lens unit along with a smartphone to power the experience.

It’s unclear exactly how durable the headset will be, but it doesn’t look as tough as the cardboard used in most versions. Still, at the very least it should provide you with a few minutes of VR fun while you wait for your friends to finish their fries.